• Lou Hawthorne

    Lou Hawthorne is a seasoned CEO both inside and outside the biotech industry. Beginning in 1997, Hawthorne developed and coordinated the Missyplicity Project, the world's first large-scale dog and cat cloning research project, which produced the world's first cat clone in 2001. In 2000, Hawthorne founded Genetic Savings & Clone, which produced the world's first commercial cat clones in 2004. Hawthorne and GSC consistently made headlines globally with their innovative work in the companion animal space. In late 2006, Hawthorne founded BioArts International where he now serves as CEO.

    After earning his BA from Princeton University, Hawthorne worked as a software designer and media producer for various Fortune 500 companies. From the beginning of the Missyplicity Project, Hawthorne studied the science of cloning with pioneers in the field. Some of these pioneers now serve as advisors, partners or employees of BioArts.

    Hawthorne has a school-age son, Skye. They enjoy playing music, doing math, watching Star Trek and hiking the hills of Marin.